Canadian discovery is biggest ever T. rex

The towering and battle-scarred

The T. rex, called "Scotty", was a senior among the species at 28 years old and lived about 68 million years ago.

Given all sorts of variations, it'd be possible for two T. rex to have exactly the same length but have different weights-or have different weights at varying lengths-in which case awarding a superlative title becomes subjective.

When the fossils were discovered, the scientists wanted to celebrate with a toast. But the bones were embedded in hard sandstone, and it took paleontologists more than a decade to dig them out.

According to the authors of the new study, Scotty was one of the rare T. rexes in the fossil record that actually reached full maturity, which likely contributed to its record-breaking weight.

"Scotty the T.rex is an excellent attraction to the province for residents both inside and out of Saskatchewan", Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky says.

When it comes to ferocious dinosaurs, the one that comes to mind for most people is the T-Rex.

Researchers are making startling discoveries about the massive T-Rex, which they recently reassembled from bones dating back 66 million years.

"Scotty is the oldest T-Rex known", Persons said. This dinosaur had arms that were around one metre long, tiny when compared to the size of its body.

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Why it matters: "The find suggests that large predatory dinosaurs probably got older and bigger than paleontologists would have surmised based on now available fossils".

The femur of this dinosaur was 8 inches wide. Tyrannosaurs kept growing throughout their lives.

Scotty, it seems, was prone to fights.

Researchers first unearthed the formidable T. rex's remains in 1991, Michael Greshko reports for National Geographic.

"It was not an easy life, even for the king of predatory dinosaurs, judging by all these injuries", said Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist at the University of Detroit Mercy. In the sub-tropical coastal climate, he suffered from injuries such as a broken and healed rib, a dental infection and may have got into a scuffle with a fellow T. rex - a few tailbones were broken. It was nicknamed Scotty, and it's much older and more massive than previously expected by the paleontologists.

They added that the "relative scarcity of other equally large and mature T. rex specimens" suggests that these beasts tended to die before they passed the 8.8-ton (8 metric tons) threshold.

Size isn't Scotty's only claim to fame.

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