IBM’s AI debate computer loses to human champion

In the San Francisco debate on Monday, Project Debater and Natarajan were given 15 minutes to prepare for the debate on the merits of subsidising preschools.

Harish Natarajan has won over IBM's six-year-old artificial intelligence (AI) debating system, affectionately dubbed "Miss Debater".

The motion put forward was whether nursery schools should be subsidised, with Project Debater arguing in favour.

The topic of the debate was whether or not preschool should be subsidized. Project Debater, which isn't connected to the internet, comes up with statements using data from the 10 billion sentences stored in its database, which are taken from newspapers, magazine articles, and academic journals. "I have heard you hold the world record in debate competition wins against humans". The guy was a finalist of the world Championship debates among universities and European competition debate.

IBM made history on Tuesday evening hosting the first ever public debate between man and machine.

The debate, held on the first day of IBM's weeklong Think conference, was moderated by John Donvan, host of the Intelligence Squared debate series.

Project Debater argued we should subsidise preschools because they benefit impoverished populations, create better students, and contribute to lowering crime rates.

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"The system uses a unique collection of arguments relevant to the topic, touching on core issues of what to say, when to say them, and what is justified, using listening and comprehension tools". Speaking in a female voice, the bot impressed many observers with her suggestion that social welfare is a moral duty, an expression of "basic human decency". "It's not a question of one being better than the other, but about AI and humans working together".

"There will still be individuals who will be priced out because of the realities of the market", he said. Project Debater placed its best points during the conclusion, which at times seemed out of order, but convincing as well.

While waiting for the final vote, Natarajan said it was interesting that Project Debater could contextualize information and pull details from research. It saved its best counter arguments for its closing statement. In the end an audience poll found that over 50 percent of the onlookers at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco agreed that Debater enriched their knowledge of the subject, while about 20 percent said the same of Natarajan's performance.

"I think if you take some of those skills and add it to a human being who can use it in slightly more subtle ways, I think it could be incredibly powerful", he said.

At the end, the machine could not out-argue Natarajan but it drove home many points.

According to the IMB, this technology can help in exploring problems that don't necessarily have a single answer.

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