World Health Organization denounces the misuse of antibiotics

The World Health Organisation warned that antibiotics consumption is dangerously high in some countries driving the emergence of deadly superbug infections while other countries may not have sufficient access to these life-saving medicines

The Executive Secretary attributed the occurrence mainly to the irresponsible and irrational use of antimicrobials and urged the general public to comply with prescriptions given on antibiotics to reduce resistance. "We all need to play a part in helping protect the use of antibiotics and this is something simple that we can incorporate in our daily routines". Some of the prevention tips include only using antibiotics when prescribed by a certified health professional; never demand antibiotics if a health worker says you do not need them; always follow health worker's advice when using antibiotics or never share or use leftover antibiotics. This report shows a wide range in consumption of antibiotics in the Watch category, from less than 20% of total antibiotic consumption in some countries to more than 50% in others. The discovery suggests some countries are likely overprescribing whereas others may not have appropriate access to the medicines.

Although this new report sheds light upon global antibiotic use, the data presented varies widely in quality and completeness.

"The excessive and improper use of antibiotic drugs creating resistance against these drugs by the bacterias and the illness becomes incurable", Dr Ejaz Ahmad Khan, child specialist at the Shifa International Hospital explained in a press briefing after a conference organized by Multinational Pharmaceutical company ( Pfizer) in connection with world antibiotic awareness week 2018 here in a local Hotel. Sixteen of these countries have contributed to this first report and many more are expected to contribute to the global data in the next few years.

Drug-resistant infections can also result from poor access to antimicrobials.

Bacteria can become resistant when patients use antibiotics they don't need or when they don't conclude their treatments.

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WHO has warned on numerous occasions that the number of effective antibiotics in the world is declining, while the superbugs number is increasing.

World Health Organization in the African Region, has made the fight against antibiotic resistance a top priority and is working with countries to develop and implement action plans to combat antibiotic resistance and generate reliable data for action. Many low- and middle-income countries have high mortality rates from infectious diseases and low rates of use of antibiotics, said the WHO. Resistance can occur when people cannot afford a full course of treatment or only have access to substandard or falsified medicines.

Low consumption levels in some countries not only indicates that individuals have limited access to antibiotics but may also indicate weak systems for the supply of antibiotics.

By 2050, some five million people could die each year in Asia alone due to resistance to antibiotic medicines or antimicrobials, according to United Nations agencies.

While it is positive to see more Australians aware of antibiotic resistance alongside a reduction in inappropriate prescribing, Mr Morris says the research also indicates many people lack awareness of the potential consequences antibiotic resistance can have on their health.

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