Is Eating Fatty Foods the Sole Reason of Why We Gain Weight?

New evidence shows that dietary fat, not sugar or protein, causes obesity in mice - Xinhua |

Researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences claim that eating too much fat is the only cause of obesity in mice, after extensive experiments on the animal. Over the past few decades focus shifted from fat to carbs while examining weight gain and recently it has been thought that when protein intake falls people eat more and hence gain weight.

Now "unequivocal" trials on mice pinpoint fat as the problem - and commonly-thought offenders such as carbs and protein are finally off the hook. If we are to combine sugar with fat, there's no impact as the fat alone would have. The whole study had mice as their subjects, and they fed them with various diets for three months.

A major drawback in conducting human studies on the effects of diets is time, as most don't last long enough to draw concrete conclusions. Research done on mice may be the best scientific evidence humans may have for now.

Over the course of the study, the researchers made more than 100,000 measurements of changes in both body weight and body fat in the mice using micro MRI machines. A low protein diet may lead people to eat more, resulting in more energy and weight.

"These effects of dietary fat seemed to be because uniquely fat in the diet stimulated the reward centers in the brain, stimulating greater intake".

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He then explains that carbs that accounted for up to 30% of the calories and came from sugar did not make the mice fat.

They also found that diets with very low amounts of protein (5 percent or less) did not cause the mice to eat more.

Professor John Speakma said: 'The result of this enormous study was unequivocal - the only thing that made the mice get fat was eating more fat in their diets.

We all know that food is made of proteins, carbs and fat, so it is a bit hard to be sure which one of those three is making us gain weight.

Some argued that carbohydrates, especially sugar, was the leading cause, while others thought of protein, saying the objective of eating food is to obtain protein rather than energy.

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