Lunar eclipse on July 27-28 to be longest of this century

Eclipse 2018 Blood Moon zodiac significance

One of the coolest things is that it is going to be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century by clocking in at 103 minutes.

The brighter Mars will remain very close to the eclipsed Moon in the sky on July 27-28 and can be spotted very easily with the naked eye. During the Solar Eclipse today, the Sun will take crescent -shaped over Australia and Antarctica, and the next partial Solar eclipse on August 11 will appear over the North pole, Northern Europe and parts of northern and eastern Asia.

During a partial eclipse, only a fragment of the moon will obscure the sun's corona. Solar eclipse will be partially visible in India, and people of India can see eclipse via a live web stream of NASA.Solar eclipse comes with three steps- First of all, the moon blocks the Sun and then the maximum range of eclipse occur.

Let's discuss the Solar Eclipse taking place on Friday 13th July. "The duration makes it the longest total lunar eclipse of this century (2001 AD to 2100 AD)", revealed a statement released by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. The publication notes that a lunar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a solar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse is expected to stay for as long as 3 hours and 28 minutes, thus making it the longest in last two decades.

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Recall that brought humanity the February solar Eclipse.

Scientists have put forward myriad observations related to the total lunar eclipse. The superstitions also go to the extent of asserting that moving out during the eclipse or watching it may cause one to give birth to a deformed baby.

Total solar eclipses happen because the Sun's diameter is 400 times wider than the Moon's, but it is also 400 times farther away. In addition, we showed a photo of such a unique phenomenon as the blood Moon.

And for all those who might nonetheless be superstitious in regards to celestial coincidences, it is possible to unwind once this one has passed won't have yet another solar eclipse landing a Friday the 13th before the year 2080. This happens when the moon passes through the Earth's dark shadow called the umbra.

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