Profiles of Possible US Supreme Court Justices

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The last-minute jockeying by lawmakers and other political stakeholders played right into the reality show-like gamesmanship surrounding President Trump's choice for Supreme Court nominee - right down to a blast from the past re-emerging on Trump's list of finalists.

"If you're a conservative Republican, the four people named-particularly Thomas Hardiman, I'm glad he's on the list-are all winners, and every Republican should embrace these picks".

News reported on Sunday night that Kavanaugh and Hardiman are getting the most attention in the decision-making process. He claimed that due to how dysfunctional the two parties were, it is unlikely that many Democrats would support a Trump nominee.

The president made the remarks before boarding Air Force One in New Jersey Sunday, saying he is considering four candidates and can't go wrong with any of them. The New York Times reported Sunday that Trump found Kethledge a little tiresome and anxious about his record on immigration.

Republicans outnumber Democrats, 51 to 49, in the Senate.

Responding on "Outnumbered", Lisa Boothe said Blumenthal represents a blue state and will be fiercely opposed to whomever Trump chooses. "I do think the president has to think about who is the easiest to get confirmed here and I expect we'll do that on sort of a normal timetable of a couple of months".

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McConnell reportedly told Trump that Kavanaugh, a former assistant and staff secretary to former President George W. Bush, has an extensive paper trail that could help Democrats prolong the nomination process. Hardiman was said to be the runner-up to succeed Antonin Scalia, the seat Neil Gorsuch eventually occupied after being confirmed in 2017.

But Trump Supreme Court advisor Leonard Leo says the Roe v. Wade conversation is nothing more than a scare tactic. And as Sally Ayhan reports, the decision could leave his mark on the Supreme Court for decades.

Two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, are pro-abortion and have said they would vote against a candidate who would overturn Roe v. Wade. "And after that 36 year period, we only have a single individual on the court who has expressly said he would overturn Roe".

Hardiman has a tale Republicans like McConnell love: a former taxi driver from the key swing state of Pennsylvania who comes with the recommendation of fellow 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Maryanne Trump Barry - the president's sister. Barrett, in her mid-40s, is a judge for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals; she was nominated by Trump.

Trump's pick will cement a 5-4 majority on the court for conservatives who could quite possibly dominate for a generation and, combined with his aggressive efforts to appoint judges to other federal courts across the country, ensure that the imprint of his contentious presidency will endure long after he has left office. Barry served alongside Hardiman as a federal appeals judge on the 3rd Circuit before stepping down a year ago. He is hoping to replicate his successful announcement of Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago. "And we have a great country, folks".

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