Deadpool 2 movie review: Ryan Reynolds brings home another victor

Deadpool ComicBookDeadpool ComicBook

They'll be joined by a whole host of characters when X-Force drops into theaters, too, though on a more personal level, Josh Brolin simply can't wait to collaborate with Drew Goddard.

But Deadpool 2 is hampered by the fact that it doesn't it doesn't maximise the strengths of the first film and the new trail it does blaze in is in the direction of mawkishness. Maybe I just waited too long to see it. "I'm going to be walking for them"'. "I could use a little "me time". Since then, thanks to Deadpool's success or simply as an organic coincidence, other superhero films have pushed further on all three fronts - Taika Waititi crafted an nearly Marvel parody in Thor: Ragnarok, The Lego Batman Movie was relentless in its self-referencing, and James Mangold made great use of the age rating to give us the best Wolverine film in Logan. You'll recall that this will not do the trick, and Deadpool is forced to put himself back together after his life loses all meaning. But when it came to making a scene better, "it was really the best idea wins". Along with the addition of Cable, there are several members of the X-Men who join the battle.

On his first mission we meet Russell, a young mutant trapped in a reform school where doctors experiment on him and his classmates. Deadpool, believing the boy is in trouble, decides to help him take out a few of the orderlies at the school instead of simply take the boy into custody. But he has good reason to be so relentless in his quest to get hold of that mutant kid, and his ultra-serious demeanor plays nicely off of Deadpool's over-the-top antics.

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Were this any other superhero movie, the plot would proceed in a straightforward fashion, with Deadpool gathering his team one-by-one and working up to a final showdown with Cable. If anything, the surprising success of the original has resulted in more money and more insane sequences, like a chase sequence with a truck convoy and a weird scene when Deadpool's legs regrow after he is cut in half, giving him baby limbs for a time. It was also originally a rebooted version of the New Mutants team (the New Mutants is getting its own movie next year).

The thing is, for all of its self-awareness, the film isn't even aware of its own overreliance on exhausted tropes, such as The Dead Wife - there are so many Dead Women Motivating Men to action in "Deadpool 2", it could have been a Christopher Nolan movie.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been married for nearly six years now, but it sounds as if they still have plenty of magic in their relationship. Like, he's the kind of guy your mom thinks is amusing because "he's got a cute personality". From trying to make Colossus swear, calling his adversary Cable "Thanos" from Avengers: Infinity Avenger (Brolin plays both characters), and rigging on the DC Universe, he provides plenty of laughs. "Deadpool" creator comic artiste Rob Liefeld said the success of the new film will only lead to the expansion of the franchise. But if you don't recognize one reference, don't worry, there are still plenty of pop culture references, gross-out gags and more, at a rapid pace. The action sequences can get very gory and gruesome, which adds to the fun and mature (read: R-rated) nature of the movie.

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