US Treasury Secretary Expects More Sanctions on Iran

Trump on Iran Deal

The Associated Press and Bloomberg News reported that Trump will announce the waiver Friday morning. It has now been almost 90 days since Trump's October 13 decertification, and he is scheduled to report on Iranian compliance and American national security issues once again on Friday.

There is simply too much negative historical baggage for any mainstream group in Iranian politics to want USA support.

These arguments are obscene in light of the brutal crackdown against Iranian demonstrators and how JCPOA sanctions relief has harmed the Iranian people.

Might the protests in Iran - and the government's response to them - give Trump another reason for taking that extreme step?

For more on this, we are joined now by Ambassador Dennis Ross.

Under U.S. law, the White House must extend those waivers every four months.

Thank you for your feedback. Hardline Republican Sens. Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz want sanctions back if Iran launches any ballistic missiles capable of targeting territory outside of Iran, such as Israel or Saudi Arabia, and not just an intercontinental missile.

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"Legislative gimmicks that don't permanently fix the Iran nuclear deal under US law, regardless of which party controls the White House, and continued European photo-ops with Javad Zarif are like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull", said Mark Dubowitz, the chief executive of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

They tapped into anger over the fact that the bulk of the Iranian people have yet to see the economic dividends of Rouhani's attempted reforms.

European firms have moved quickly to reestablish business ties after the nuclear deal.

The EU's foreign policy chief on Thursday voiced their determination to ensure that the nuclear deal with Iran continues to go forward.

He says European, Chinese, and Russian diplomats who were involved in the negotiations believe it's the best deal that was possible and that the United States should stick with it.

As shambolic as the Trump administration has been during its first year in office, it defies plausibility to describe their Iran-deal violations as anything other than insidious and intentional. If the USA was to walk away, he added, "my guess is that the people who would be happiest would be in the Kremlin". And particularly in the aftermath of what's been going on in Iran, they don't need to be more isolated on the outside when they already see there's a level of alienation on the inside. Ultimately, it will be the president's decision, he said, adding, "We are confident that we will get to the right place". But I guess what I'm trying to say is the best way to demonstrate that he's prepared to try to raise the cost to the Iranians is by doing it in a collective way. The State Department said on Tuesday the Trump administration was expected to decide on Friday. It was a collective, multilateral set of sanctions. However, it is doing so while still wary of the prospect that the European Union might fold under United States pressure, as in its earlier negotiations with Iran in 2003-2005.

In any event, Trump's decertification announcement in October focused not on the "main goal" of forestalling Iranian nuclear activities but on broader goal that was reiterated by Mogherini on Thursday when she said the deal was "making the world safer".

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